The KuFBag Transporter Restraint System is an additional restraint option to use in the transport of high risk suspects, prisoners, individuals.

So if you are a law enforcement officer, marshall, police officer, county sheriff, corrections officer, and have to secure and transport a very physically aggressive individual you would of course make use of all of the hardware availabe–cuffs, waist chains, leg cuffs-irons and keep an eye on the individual at all times, make sure to use two officers to transport, make sure prisoner is on side away from holstered gun etc.

But what prisoners are still able to do is to use their hands to grab contraband, weapons, officers, and against all odds still escape injuring or killing the transporting officer or officers, judges or members of the court, and random bystanders.

This is often the case in hardened experienced criminals who have nothing to lose.

KuFBag removes this last degree of freedom–the use of his hands–as a means of escape.

How KuFBag works:

You put prisoners handcuffed hands–each into a separate compartment in the KuFBag–so that the hands are immobilized, separated–and because of plastic inserts on top of and under each hand–he is not able to grasp anything outside of the KuFBag.

Additional security is provided by using wrist ties around each wrist through the KuFBag and securing each wrist with velcro straps and each leg with velcro straps so he cannot raise or leverage his arms to strike.

There are also D rings that can be used with an additional waist chain or the waist chain used with the cuffs.

You will see hundreds of videos on Youtube on how to escape from handcuffs, and universal handcuff keys can be had to as little as 77 cents online and at pawn shops. You can bend a hairpin to use to escape or use a thin piece of metal on the rachets to release the cuffs.

But you will never see an escape video from a person restrained using cuffs and a correctly put on KuFBag Transporter Restraint System because it is IMPOSSIBLE!