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A Restraint System

for Transporting Prisoners

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A Fool-Proof Restraint System for Law Enforcement

Our company, KuFBag, was founded in 2002 by Glenda L. Hill-Foster and her husband, John T. Foster CPA, to solve the problem of prisoners escaping from handcuffs in transport situations. With over 10 years of experience, we created a restraint system that is fool-proof when it comes to immobilizing prisoners' movements. The KuFBag has seven features on the bag, designed for officers to pick and choose what they want to use for transporting prisoners from point A to point B.

The KuFBag Transporter Restraint System provides law enforcement officers with a safe way to restrain prisoners when they need to be transported. The durable materials keep the individuals' hands locked in place without causing harm to the prisoner. This product comes in the original form or can be ordered with a moisture wicker to prevent sweating while in use.

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Ensure the protection of your officers and civilians by transporting prisoners wearing the KuFBag.

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