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Safely Restrain Prisoners In Transport

Keeping law enforcement as well as civilians safe is of extreme importance to our team. We were inspired to create the KuFBag Inc. after hearing about a terrible situation which occurred in Ohio.

There was a prisoner that pretended that he could not walk, so a female officer transported him by pushing him outside in a wheelchair. He overpowered the officer and took her weapon, running down the street. A young man happened to be coming by who had just purchased his first pickup truck. The escaped prisoner took the young man's truck and killed him in the process.

KuFBag Award

Our founders have personally experienced loss from a situation which took the life of their son. We created this device in his honor, and it is our hope that this product makes a difference in the ability to restrain aggressive prisoners so tragedies such as these no longer occur.

The KuFBag Inc. has been tested in real life situations. So far, it has been used on serial killers during times where they are being transported. A police officer by the name of James "Jim" Zacarelli spoke to us at the Mock Prison Riot, which is held in West Virginia.

He explained that he saw the KuFBag Inc. used on an extremely aggressive prisoner who always found a way out of his restraints. He stated that when the officers used our product, they were in shock because the prisoner was unable to get out of it.

We are confident that law enforcement offers will be safe when properly using our product. In fact, we won an award from the Innovations Awards Program by the Law Enforcement Technology and Law Enforcement Product News on November 25th, 2008.

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