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A New and Improved Type Of Handcuff

Securing and transporting an aggressive individual can be very risky. Hardware such as cuffs, waist chains, and leg cuff-irons are all commonly used to ensure a prisoner is complying with an officer's orders. However, these materials still have one flaw which could lead to a fatal incident. The prisoner's hands are still available, which could allow them to grab contraband, the officers, or even weapons—such as a holstered gun. Our company, KuFBag Inc., created a solution to this issue.

The KuFBag Inc. Transporter Restraint System is the perfect tool for anyone who works in the field of enforcement, such as a police officer, marshal, county sheriff, or corrections officer. You will find that using this restraint system offers the most amount of protection for yourself and others.

How KuFBag Inc. Works

Place the prisoner's previously cuffed hands into the separate compartments within the KuFBag Inc. This immobilizes the individual's hands completely. The plastic inserts on top and underneath each hand make it so the prisoner is unable to grab anything while being transported.

Additional security is provided by using wrist ties around each wrist and hooking them through the KuFBag Inc. You can secure each wrist and each leg with Velcro straps so that the individual cannot raise or leverage their arms to strike. D-rings can be used with an additional waist chain along with the cuffs.

For even more security, you can run the seatbelt of your vehicle through the back of the KuFBag Inc. This protection feature allows you to secure the person to the seat where they cannot kick out the windows of your vehicle.

The Construction of the KuFBag Inc.

Our product is constructed out of a durable nylon and polyester blend, with compressed ballistic nylon fibers which form the liner. This material prevents grasping while the hands are enclosed within the KuFBag Inc.

With foam for cushioning, KuFBag Inc. has a hard plastic fastening buckle, combined with Velcro, for closing the bag. We have two sets of grommets available which can be used when inserting plastic ties.

This product is lightweight, washable, and costs $99.95. The original w/o leg straps is $89.95 and the poly with leg restraint is $129.95. We have a moisture wicker KuFBag Inc. which is made with a different type of material to prevent the prisoner's hands from sweating while wearing the restraints. This type of KuFBag Inc. is priced at $149.95.

Compared to regular handcuffs with universal keys which are easy to pick, our restraint system is impossible to break out of. The KuFBag Inc. will quickly become an extremely useful tool in your arsenal.

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